SS 2021: With Flying Colors

SS 2021: With Flying Colors

Preciosa adds three new captivating shades to its color range: Smoked Amethyst, Pale Lilac and Shamrock

Smoked Amethyst
A more seductive version of its namesake classic, Smoked Amethyst is both opulent and modern. A seductive shade of dusty purple, this trendy color is the maximum high embellishment and a highly anticipated seasonal base. The smoke amethyst is part of the normal assortment of colors for our flat rhinestones MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA flatback and MC chaton rose VIVA12 dia Sf and Hor fix and is available with AB metalization.

Pale Lilac
The delicate and pastel tone of Pale Lilac is delicate and sophisticated and gives a feminine touch to any garment or accessory that enhances it. As effortlessly luxurious as it is captivating, this new shade is a must for spring. Pale Lilac is part of the normal range of colors for our flat rhinestones MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA flatback and MC chaton rose VIVA12 dia Sf and Hor fix and is available with AB metalization.

Nothing more enveloping than wearing a fresh, crisp shade of vivid green. Our new Shamrock is the essential “spring green” and provides the perfect touch of color to a pastel color chart. Shamrock is part of the normal assortment of colors for our flat rhinestones MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA flatback and MC chaton rose VIVA12 dia Sf and Hor fix and is available with AB metalization.

sheet with personalized printing In addition to the choice of the transparent and black versions, our custom crystal sheet is now available with a third customizable option. With a simple graphic file, we can customize the panel to replicate any design, image or motif that shines elegantly through a Crystal or Crystal AB coating. The custom printed crystal sheet is available in Crystal and Crystal AB and is suitable for bonding and hotfix applications.

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From the twenty years experience in the world of crystals and from the continuous research dictated by the internal GSM Crystal Emotion technology, CRYSTALAQUA® is born, that is the transparent crystal for carving of numerous facets, laid on endless design prints, both on leather and fabric.

A unique effect, liquid and brilliant transparencies but also three-dimensional ones.

You can print it yourself or on our creation.

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Remember to shine responsibly!
Inspired by a single novelty, our SS 2020 collection, entitled Red Redefined, is more about quality and less on quantity.
While the balance continues to tilt in favor of this attitude, rumors within the fashion industry for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions continue to grow stronger, while fashion has not yet completely abandoned the old habits of the past that he is living the twilight hours of his heyday.
Both an inspiration for fashion and the driving force behind change is knowledge.
Being informed and informing fashion choices are not just responsible, they are (becoming) cool.
By the end of 2020, this global dialogue will be inevitable, especially in the context of the fashion industry, and is therefore inseparable from the trends that will govern the catwalk.
The contribution of Preciosa, Red Velvet, is the first and only the “true” red without cadmium, a highly anticipated solution respectful of the environment, compared to the traditional red hue rich in cadmium from the past.
Just as the acquisition of knowledge has been the key to unlocking this innovation, so also knowledge has the ability to change the course of environmental destruction.
Symbolized during our SS 2020 campaign by the proverbial apple of knowledge, a modern, playful take on the traditional narrative of Adam and Eve unfolds in which Adam does not appear and Eve bites the apple, thus acquiring knowledge, and emerges illuminated and victorious above the snake , the embodiment of fast fashion. Just as Eve’s narrative has been changed, so too the fashion industry evolves into a conscientious world driven by industrial quality;
after all, knowledge is sharing in the modern era.

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Welcome to St. Elsewhere Preciosa unveils the AW 2019/20 collection with the mysterious campaign inspired by high technology
Set in a remotely located top secret search facility, Preciosa’s AW 2019/20 campaign, named St. Elsewhere, draws inspiration from the technology that created it. In a cryptic way, in a deliberately unspecified position, St. Elsewhere takes viewers to an imaginary crystal test site, in which an unidentified visitor is exploring the latest prototypes of the institute.
The collection itself presents a series of distinctive elements, including the smallest Chaton Rose in the world, the new, brighter, Royal Chaton MAXIMA with 18 sides and an extraordinary perfectly symmetrical heart shape. This new collection represents everything that Preciosa is capable of doing, says Jan Stiller, director of commercial development at Preciosa Components. It pushes the boundaries, makes use of the latest technologies and, most important of all, it literally brings the subject into a world entirely dedicated to the production of crystals. I do not think anything can summarize Preciosa better than this, and I think our customers both old and new will love it.
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From twenty years experience in the world of crystals, from the continuous research dictated by high internal technology GSM CRYSTAL EMOTION presents SHINY BLEND:
fashion accessories produced internally in the company in compliance with the made in Italy and exclusive for the GSM customer.
Compositions of assembled and assembled accessories take shape creating small and real sculptural miniatures, destined to enrich and decorate an entire outfit.
Sculptural miniatures from geometrical designers: spheres, pyramids, squares from metallic, flocked, colored or neutral materials, but with a touch of pure brilliance that dictates the difference. Mini sculptures effect cake, garden, rock, future-ball or minimal-line in the mixture of metal flocking or plasticized colors but always respecting the styles dictated by the trend of the moment. Guaranteed and tested for a durable seal for every project.

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A clean break from the Autumn/Winter trend of hyper-adornment, Spring/Summer 2019 will see the return of minimalism. Characterized by softer, neutral tones subtlety garnished with delicate appliqués and unusual closers, this season fuses nostalgia with functionality.

Homespun, provincial-esque embellishment gives an otherwise stark aesthetic the perfect hint of romanticism, such as the new Spike Rivet, which creates a tailored, yet casual look. Editorially, Atelier Bohemia explores a collective urge to re-connect with our heritage and appreciate life’s simple, natural pleasures.

As our need to seek authenticity in today’s overly commercialized society continues to strengthen, we find ourselves on a homeward journey, back to our roots that define us. From our handcrafted Lamp Beads to this season’s limited edition Tea Rose cabochon, this collection is the apex of nearly five centuries of Bohemian glassmaking tradition and know-how, and our most personal yet.

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