Welcome to St. Elsewhere Preciosa unveils the AW 2019/20 collection with the mysterious campaign inspired by high technology
Set in a remotely located top secret search facility, Preciosa’s AW 2019/20 campaign, named St. Elsewhere, draws inspiration from the technology that created it. In a cryptic way, in a deliberately unspecified position, St. Elsewhere takes viewers to an imaginary crystal test site, in which an unidentified visitor is exploring the latest prototypes of the institute.
The collection itself presents a series of distinctive elements, including the smallest Chaton Rose in the world, the new, brighter, Royal Chaton MAXIMA with 18 sides and an extraordinary perfectly symmetrical heart shape. This new collection represents everything that Preciosa is capable of doing, says Jan Stiller, director of commercial development at Preciosa Components. It pushes the boundaries, makes use of the latest technologies and, most important of all, it literally brings the subject into a world entirely dedicated to the production of crystals. I do not think anything can summarize Preciosa better than this, and I think our customers both old and new will love it.
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