A leader in its sector, GSM was founded in Carpi in the early ‘90s by Giuliano Rossi and his sons Massimiliano and Stefano, who doggedly wanted to specialise in the manufacture of automatic machines for the application of hot fix rhinestone, crystals and cabochons. Our goal was to cater to the market demand for distribution of crystals to be used in the creation of fashion garments and accessories. Thanks to our dedication, seeking perfection and innovation, the GSM crystals and strass are now used in various sectors from clothing, shoes,fashion accessories to jewellery and furnishing. Chosen by big names in the fashion system because of their superb quality, these perfect crystals adorn exquisite objects of desire all over the world. GSM offers the best in system design and construction for the sector industries.


Continuously developing technology, curiosity and acuteness characterise the work of GSM, which debuted in 1996 with the world preview of Fixy 2400 Twin Head: the first automatic machine with dual loader for the application of hot fix rhinestones. Since then the GSM innovation process has not stopped resulting in the design of Fixy 2400 Twin Head Ultrasonic: the machine with all the features of the earlier model and in addition an exclusive ultrasonic soldering system. The last-born of the family is Fixy Automatic capable of producing any pattern directly on the support, fabric or leather, without using preconfigured guides.


Not wanting to settle for second-best and wanting to achieve top product quality, GSM many years ago tied a fertile knot with Preciosa, in its turn a world leader in the creation of high-quality crystal. Born in the heart of the earth, in the air and, for some decades now in laboratories, crystals have always been admired for their beauty and used as ornaments in cultures across the world and have today also become an essential part of technology. Crystals have a life of their own: they are born, grow, sometimes change and die. In the Preciosa laboratories today the growth of a crystal can be controlled with an accuracy unachievable in nature. The partnership with Preciosa allows creating an exceptionally specialised product. GSM and Preciosa guarantee crystals for specific sectors and provide support services dedicated to anticipating the trend and the application technologies.


GSM have been distributors for Preciosa for over twenty years, thus achieving Platinum certification and acknowledgement as “Very important business partners”.
The customer portfolio extends throughout Italy and abroad.
On the strength of a twenty year distribution contract agreed with Preciosa, GSM has recently achieved “Platinum” certification for Europe and acknowledgment as “Very important business partners”.
Today GSM successfully distributes Preciosa products throughout Italy and abroad.


GSM offers their customers a complete service, supporting them not only for the realization of finished items, but also providing valuable help in the creative and technical spheres.
The realization of different projects is accompanied by highly qualified personnel with the necessary skills to deal with all the stages from development of a creative idea, to material execution. The extensive experience and ability of the internal personnel has been achieved over the years thanks to carefully targeted company training and the realization of ambitious projects for major customers in the fashion world.
The applied technology is the outcome of internal know-how, which over the years has fine-tuned instruments to guarantee precision results and high development speeds for our customer’s projects.
A winning combination of human skills and state-of-art technology, combined with our collaboration with Preciosa, has enabled GSM to satisfy the most sophisticated requests in the realization of customized projects.
GSM, analysing their customers’ requests and with the aim of extending their service, have developed other company projects, each with different goals: My renty, Sticky Crystal e