Nereid Collection

Finding truth in the words of legendary french explorer, Jacque Cousteau, who famously remarked: “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever,” our Autumn/ Winter collection, entitled Nereid, explores the darker theme of recognizing beauty in forms not altogether worldly. This assortment of novelties and the wearable context through which they are presented harks back to the archaic image of a sea nymph and simultaneously deconstructs it, calling attention to the decadence of designed experiences and hyper adornment.

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Inspired by the ancient goddess of the dawn, this collection embodies her youthful yet commanding spirit in both palate and design. As dawn warms from cool azures to fiery crimsons, then mellows into an amber haze, these pieces mirror the shades of daybreak, evoking a kind of strength that is distinctively feminine. Two limited edition pieces, the Livada and Reyna, with their exotic geometric patterns, bring to the collection a cross-cultural reference to the East, and with it pay homage to the evolving dialogue between the two spheres of East and West that is shaping not only the future of fashion, but also our global identity.

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Once again we are delighted to send you the latest trends and news, this time for the next spring / summer 2017. For this edition, we have taken a step back from the everyday life to create sparkling moments and new opportunities that life gives us. Each of the exciting new products and range extensions included in our catalog shines in a unique way, illuminating life with color, shape and style. With them now you can have your own opportunity to have a truly memorable design!

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GSM togheter with Preciosa present “Inspirations fall&winter 16-17”. In the most important fashion shows in the world for the autumn-winter 2016/2017 season we have seen a mix of different styles. By strictly futuristic style to monochrome nostalgia, we have captured one that better reflects us: the natural and free style of the seventies, or bohemian. Inspired by the Bohemian Rhapsody, a classic song of the seventies, in itself a fascinating mix of influences and various music styles, we present our latest products in this trendy collection, power button.

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