Remember to shine responsibly!
Inspired by a single novelty, our SS 2020 collection, entitled Red Redefined, is more about quality and less on quantity.
While the balance continues to tilt in favor of this attitude, rumors within the fashion industry for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions continue to grow stronger, while fashion has not yet completely abandoned the old habits of the past that he is living the twilight hours of his heyday.
Both an inspiration for fashion and the driving force behind change is knowledge.
Being informed and informing fashion choices are not just responsible, they are (becoming) cool.
By the end of 2020, this global dialogue will be inevitable, especially in the context of the fashion industry, and is therefore inseparable from the trends that will govern the catwalk.
The contribution of Preciosa, Red Velvet, is the first and only the “true” red without cadmium, a highly anticipated solution respectful of the environment, compared to the traditional red hue rich in cadmium from the past.
Just as the acquisition of knowledge has been the key to unlocking this innovation, so also knowledge has the ability to change the course of environmental destruction.
Symbolized during our SS 2020 campaign by the proverbial apple of knowledge, a modern, playful take on the traditional narrative of Adam and Eve unfolds in which Adam does not appear and Eve bites the apple, thus acquiring knowledge, and emerges illuminated and victorious above the snake , the embodiment of fast fashion. Just as Eve’s narrative has been changed, so too the fashion industry evolves into a conscientious world driven by industrial quality;
after all, knowledge is sharing in the modern era.

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