A clean break from the Autumn/Winter trend of hyper-adornment, Spring/Summer 2019 will see the return of minimalism. Characterized by softer, neutral tones subtlety garnished with delicate appliqués and unusual closers, this season fuses nostalgia with functionality.

Homespun, provincial-esque embellishment gives an otherwise stark aesthetic the perfect hint of romanticism, such as the new Spike Rivet, which creates a tailored, yet casual look. Editorially, Atelier Bohemia explores a collective urge to re-connect with our heritage and appreciate life’s simple, natural pleasures.

As our need to seek authenticity in today’s overly commercialized society continues to strengthen, we find ourselves on a homeward journey, back to our roots that define us. From our handcrafted Lamp Beads to this season’s limited edition Tea Rose cabochon, this collection is the apex of nearly five centuries of Bohemian glassmaking tradition and know-how, and our most personal yet.

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Linea Pelle 2017 Fiera Milano

LINEA PELLE 2017 from 4th to 6th October 2017 brings yearly leaders in materials and workmanship on leather for shoes, bags, belts, accessories of all kinds … If you are looking for new products, new technologies and new trends we are waiting for you …. GSM will be present with the new, patented “METAL CRYSTAL” metal and plastic product with rhinestones and colorful prints, to decorate any leather product … … find us ….


Nereid Collection

Finding truth in the words of legendary french explorer, Jacque Cousteau, who famously remarked: “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever,” our Autumn/ Winter collection, entitled Nereid, explores the darker theme of recognizing beauty in forms not altogether worldly. This assortment of novelties and the wearable context through which they are presented harks back to the archaic image of a sea nymph and simultaneously deconstructs it, calling attention to the decadence of designed experiences and hyper adornment.

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Inspired by the ancient goddess of the dawn, this collection embodies her youthful yet commanding spirit in both palate and design. As dawn warms from cool azures to fiery crimsons, then mellows into an amber haze, these pieces mirror the shades of daybreak, evoking a kind of strength that is distinctively feminine. Two limited edition pieces, the Livada and Reyna, with their exotic geometric patterns, bring to the collection a cross-cultural reference to the East, and with it pay homage to the evolving dialogue between the two spheres of East and West that is shaping not only the future of fashion, but also our global identity.

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LUXE PACK MONACO from 21 to 23 September 2016 brings the leaders of packaging materials and services for cosmetics, perfumes, wines and spirits, watches, … If you are looking for new suppliers, new technologies, looking for trends or that intends to establish business contacts in an exclusive environment … .GSM will be present with the new innovative and patented product “STICKY CRYSTAL” an adhesive label with rhinestones, to decorate with rhinestones any materials such as glass, metals, plastic, cardboard, wood …. .come to visit us …



Come and visit us at the fair Pack & Spirit 2016 to be held in Reims France, dedicated to the meeting hall for packing and marketing for Wines and Liquors luxury. The GSM will present with its innovative product Sticky crystal, sticker with rhinestones by Preciosa crystal componets.


The rhinestone machine FIXY 2400 One Head Ultrasonic allows the hot fix rhinestones on fabrics of any type. The rhinestone applications with FIXY 2400 can be effected on fabric of any type and thickness as jeans, T-shirt, shoes, rhinestone accessories, industrial embroidery. FIXY 2400 One Head Ultrasonic has one loader and ultrasonic device system. The rhinestone machine FIXY 2400 he differentiates for varied characteristics becoming worldwide leader to apply rhinestone and production rhinestone.