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A preview of the new and revolutionary PVCrystal by GSM technique.

Rain of crystals perfectly attached to the PVC. The past takes us back to the manual technique for the application of rhinestones on PVC, the present and the future is PVCrystal …. !!!!

This sophisticated technology, created internally, allows to obtain innumerable advantages, rewriting in totum the concept of the application of rhinestones on PVC surfaces.

Precision for countless design repetitions, production speed, cost-effectiveness for the cost of construction and perfect sealing of the application.

Computer elaborated designs based on your or our ideas will be replicated directly on the PVC giving life to true magnificence, mixes of colored rhinestones and of different sizes to create patterns and textures dictated by fashion fashion: animalier, optical, geometric, floral, degrade ‘, stripe, where fantasy and creativity can go.

Once again, the imprecision of human dexterity is bypassed by the internal GSM technology, simplifying countless steps and guaranteeing a result with maximum efficiency.

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