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From the continuous research and development of GSM CRYSTAL EMOTION, CRYSTALAQUA® is born.
Prints with “water” effect through bright crystals make CRYSTALAQUA® unique and revolutionary in the effect of the design and the rhinestones that until today has been communicated to us.
You decide the design of the print !!!
Innumerable possibilities of prints from the effects INFINITI EVERYWHERE THE FANTASY DOES NOT FIND BORDERS: fluids, glosses, three-dimensional, geometric, natural, blurred, defined or dissolved, getting lost in space ………
The placement of CRYSTALAQUA® conformed to your choice will make the design and the mood catapulted in brilliant and watery and absolutely new effect moving away from what until today we have admired in the world of crystallized fashion accessory.
Applicable to clothing, accessories such as shoes, bags, belts and much more.
We are convinced that the genius and craftsmanship of Made in Italy will continue to amaze the world by creating products that make a big difference. We will continue this mission with perseverance trying to develop new ideas and products at your service every day.

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