• My Renty

    My Renty

    MYRENTY is the proposed GSM: "Machine free rent" for the application of hot fix rhinestones and fashion accessories. Created to facilitate all that part of the demand side of the market industry, sports associations, schools, merchants, craftsmen and small private and enthusiasts to meet that wonderful world that amateur and professional athletes of dance, gymnastics and figure skating.

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  • Strass Preciosa Viva 12

    Strass Preciosa Viva 12

    Preciosa thermoadhesive rhinestones are the GSM proposal for the most demanding stylists, very bright and very pure crystal with an 18-sided cut with more than 118 colors and 12 measures starting from the SS3 up to the SS48. GSM will be pleased to present it as a PRECIOSA authorized retailer, in addition to the rhinestone applications and the production of papers with thermo-adhesive rhinestones.

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  • Preciosa Crystal Components

    Preciosa Crystal Components

    For centuries, Bohemia, a region of the Czech Republic, has been known for its crystal. It was here that the art of crystal cutting was perfected. Delicate elegance, captivating sparkle and exceptional brilliance are the distinctive characteristics that make Preciosa® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ an internationally recognized symbol of quality. The Preciosa® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ trademark is a guarantee of the finest quality, 100% Czech-made product available only from Preciosa.

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  • Sticky Crystal

    Sticky Crystal

    STICKY CRYSTAL™ by PRECIOSA Crystal Components is an innovative adhesive with rhinestones of different shapes, colours and sizes that can be applied to any surface. Glass, metal, plastic, paper and wood, etc.. The rhinestones, made from the purest crystal, are surprising miniatures, similar to diamonds, that, when creatively combined according to the ideas of the customer or the company, turn all objects into real and proper works of art.

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  • Maxima Pure

    Maxima Pure

    Rediscover the Beauty of MAXIMA Pure Step into a world that is sparkling and seemingly untouched by human hands. It is elegant in its simplicity. Its true colours shine through as light reflects and refracts, playfully dancing on its surface like the sun’s rays on a shimmering sea. But just like an ocean, MAXIMA Pure has substance within its depths that may not be apparent at first glance. Its mesmerizing crystal and cut are underlined with the consistency, confidence, and certification you have come to expect for our premium product line.

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